A new departure!

Jo Marshall

The RTO changed the habit of a lifetime for their 2013 Christmas concert by having Johanna Marshall, a real-life professional musician playing with the orchestra. Johanna was accompanied by Margaret Donaldson one of the most accomplished accompanist pianists in Scotland.

Summer Cool

Summer Concert at Fingask Castle.

In Summer 2014 the RTO excelled themselves on a wet Sunday afternoon and delighted their faithful audiences with their usual musical fayre.

Edinburgh Fringe ’13 Concert

International tours in the last few years (to Utrecht and Glasgow) have honed our orchestra's skills. New music is guaranteed and a concert full of incident both deliberate and accidental is likely to delight you. The orchestra continues to surprise itself and audiences by the new tonal challenges it manages to wring out of well-known pieces of music.
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Our Glasgow Debut

Alexander McCall Smith in conversation during our debut concert at Glasgow's City Hall on 13 October 2012.

You can find more images about this unique event here

Photography: ©Alex Hewitt.

A Happy New Year from the RTO

This was the highlight of 2012!

There are more surprises in store for 2013.
Photograph: ©Alex Hewitt