Fringe Concert 2017

It’s this time of year again! The Really Terrible Orchestra plays during the Edinburgh Fringe: When: Saturday 12 August at St Cuthbert Church. The time is 4pm! The address is 5 Lothian Rd, Edinburgh EH1 2EP. Music from around the world, no less! As a bonus, we shall be joined...

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The RTO in Stockholm

Keeping up tradition, the RTO is off on another international tour. The RTO has been invited  to play in Stockholm. We will be playing in the Musikaliska Hall, in central Stockholm, on the 3rd June 2017. The Lilla Akademien, our host,  is a specialist music school. Originally it was only for primary...

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Happy Birthday, RTO!

Celebrating our 20th birthday is high on the agenda. We had a big party at the beginning of December for players and former players to meet, mingle and celebrate 20 years of musical mediocrity. Proof below that a good time was had by all. More pics to follow …...

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Who are we?

So who are the Really Terrible Orchestra? There are 65 of us now, but we started in 1995 with just 10 players and on wet November evenings we could be down to 5 or 6. It began with our envying the pleasure our children gained from music. And as...

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